Corporate Learning 4.0

Next Generation Learning and Development

We enhance the performance of your company through customized, simple but effective trainings and personnel development concepts and measures.

A new horizon

One thing is clear: the digital transformation is happening and there’s no way back. Every company has to be flexible and adaptable to face the new challenges ahead: Which structures do you need? Which technologies are there? Which ones do suit your company? How can these be implemented in your company? The perspektive3 L&D Canvas helps you figure out which steps to take to digitize your company.

The digital transformation requires that managers and employees are motivated to deal with it. This does not only mean to have the needed digital expertise but also to have the right mindset to face the digitization. What are the benefits of the digital transformation for the employees themselves? How does the digitization change the role of the managers? How do digital technologies help them in their daily work? Making it clear which advantages the digitization has for everyone is crucial for the motivation of the employees to learn something new. 

Do you know what “agile” means for your company? What is agile working exactly? Which methods are agile, how can employees be agile? 

Corporate Learning plays an important role when talking about agility as the digitization of a company can only be accomplished with efficient and agile working employees.

How do employees acquire the needed digital expertise? A digitized corporate learning means fast, efficient and individualized 24/7 accessibility to the learning content. 

How can you motivate your employees to learn? What are applicable learning scenarios? What methods and learning channels are preferred? Together with your company we find the answers to these and other relevant questions in order to find the best approach.

In the age of big data it is difficult to find a structure in the information overload.  

Structuring the information in online portals or initiating learning communities can be a help in this case, making the know-how and expertise accessible to every employee in the company.

Sell more

Is your company aligned with the customer’s demands? Let’s take the perspective of your customers and discover the points that can be optimized. Do you know what your customers want? Which new skills do you need in your sales team to meet your customer’s needs? How does the digital transformation influence this sector? Prepare your employees for the digital future.

Excellent service is the key for a long-term relationship with your customers, offering the best way to sell more. How does good service look like in the digital age? For which services is your customer willing to pay? What does your service team need to know in order to deliver the best service? How can you join the competencies of sales and service?

The role of the managers as promoters of all the qualification and personnel development is very important. Only when the managers and supervisors support the personnel development, the success can be guaranteed. 

Which role do the managers have regarding the motivation of the employees? How can they support the development of their employees? What do modern managers need to know in order to fulfill these new roles?

  • Automotive
  • Transport and logistics
  • ITC
  • Engineering
  • Retail
  • Service industry
  • Healthcare
  • Domestic home appliances

The first step

Leveraging potentials:  new culture – new mindset

The digital workplace demands a new way of thinking. What does this mean for companies and organizations? A new learning culture with new roles, new processes, new tools and a new understanding of leadership. We believe on the power of stories to shape the transformation – storytelling is a precious method to rethink one’s own mindset and values. Let‘s find the best story for your company.

Developing potentials: professional and methodical expertise.

It doesn’t matter if it’s softskills, leadership, marketing, sales, product, service or IT: all trainings – face-to-face or online – are conceptualized by qualified experts in their fields.

Together with our partners we help you to qualify your employees and trainers with the needed competencies. We accompany you until the successful rollout of the trainings.

Designing the future: holistic, lean and sustainable.

We offer support in the development of workshops, face-to-face trainings and in the production of eLearnings, eVideos, virtual classroom sessions or microlearning. 

We focus on a user-friendly and entertaining design of the content. Gamification and interaction are often part of our concepts when designing an enterprise social network or an online portal.

From the beginning on it’s important for us to have a lean production. We always lookout for possibilities to use the content of the trainings in other contexts, such as for the marketing of the company. 

We are invested in your success. Only when you have reached your goals and realized your strategy, we are satisfied with our work.